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IRMD Quality Assurance Agreement (IRMD Q2A)


IRMD Quality Assurance Agreement (IRMD Q2A) is a contractual provision that commits IRMD to provide exceptional service to its partners, considering not only international standards but also and especially each of its expectations.

IRMD Q2A is a “risk insurance” purchased “franco” by the partner to ensure his investment. Financing a marketing research or training project is an excellent investment to be preserved. This investment brings hope and excellence to your company in the short, medium or long term.

IRMD Q2A is a performance agreement that indexes IRMD remuneration to its calculated performance based on predefined indicators in a strategic roadmap, prior to the completion of the mission. This aims at establishing a trusted relationship between your company and IRMD Africa, the sole purpose being to deliver a distinctive service for the long term.

IRMD Q2A does not result in project cost increase, it is a moral commitment for IRMD, looking for a major concern of the highest quality at every level of his performance.

How does it work?

When your company ask IRMD Africa for a research, consultancy or marketing training proposal, we ensure to provide you with our best technical and financial offers, and our know-how. As you accept our offers and project is commissioned, we offer you the Quality Assurance Agreement that will secure your investment. We execute the project in compliance with mutually agreed business terms and conditions, IRMD Q2A, and international standards. We do our best effort to ensure your expectations are met if not overpassed.

Pre-defined and weighted indicators allow easy calculation of the performance of IRMD on that particular project (IRMD Project Performance Index, IRMD PPi). The pass rate is 90%. Rebates apply systematically (grid available) according to the score and if IRMD PPi <50%, IRMD Africa should return to you within 30 calendar days any initial payment received, while giving you total and definitive enjoyment of results achieved during the execution of the mission.

What are the components?

  IRMD Q2A Components Weighting / IRMD PPi
1 Timing 20
2 Materials 10
3 Consideration of business needs / objectives (Reporting & Presentation) 35
4 Data integrity and confidentiality 25
5 Perceived quality of the service (customer perception) 10

Each component comes in specific indicators, weighted as well. The components 1, 2, 3 and 4 are calculated on a completely objective basis, based on achievement, and there won’t be dissimilarities at both sides as far as their appreciation is concerned. Component 5 is entirely left to the client appreciation, who rate the job according to his overall satisfaction.



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