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Our distinctive approach: iBIO

Developing a business requires a precise approach. You need to have the best way of seeing things that matches the context, the nature of clients’ expectations and how to actually ensure customer satisfaction.

Any company which cares for its development has a very clear vision and constantly works to optimize its approaches, procedures and processes. This is the case of IRMD Africa Limited. We are purposefully “Customer Centric".

Our comprehensive approach iBIO well explain our total commitment.

“I” as the first pronoun indicates how much we are concerned with your business growth, and the development of Africa,

BIO from Greek bios ‘(course of) human life’. The sense is extended in modern scientific usage to mean ‘organic life’ (Wikipedia).

 Any organization lives as a living being, not as a mere machine. The same way we human being always cherish our lives, our approach iBIO (understood as INSIDE LIFE, INSIDE THE COURSE OF LIFE) preserve and increase LIFE in your company. We absolutely believe your business matters as our lives do.

We are clearly identified by our approach iBIO we designed for you to:

i = immerse:

Each market research, business plan, strategy development or training project calls an excellent understanding of the environment and context. Different levers after various analyzes effectively guide our proposals to meet your real needs.

B = Build:
I = Implement:
O = Optimise:



Continuously investigate Africa current behaviours, forecast changes in lifestyle, anticipate tomorrow needs and wants, enlighten your strategic decision-making, Helping you REACH the highest picks... We are IRMD Africa!

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