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The contents published on this site are subject to multiple proof reading, however, they may contain errors. If you notice any, kindly inform IRMD Africa by email at contact @ irmd.net. In addition, contents or pages you visit are regularly updated to reflect the various at IRMD. We do not guarantee in any way that the information you download or the pages you visit are accurate, complete and up-to-date.

IRMD Africa (or IRMD) cannot be held responsible for, by far or near, for lost, any direct or indirect damage that may result from your access or use of its site, or any damage or virus that may affect your computer or any other computer hardware as a result of your visit. More generally IRMD makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning all or part of the website.

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This website that you visit is the inalienable property of IRMD, Marketing Intelligence and Business Strategies firm. This site is operated by IRMD which has copyright on its presentation and each of the elements that constitute it. All information, texts, images or photographs, trademarks, logos and domain names are protected by the laws in force on intellectual property, and belong to IRMD or are the subject of a prior authorization for use.

As it is, the users of this website, in respect of the legality and particularly the provisions of the international computer laws, must not copy, deform, reproduce, republish, or use in any way, in any medium whether in part or in whole, text or images without the prior written permission of IRMD.

The following statement must appear on any authorized copy of all or part of the content of the Site: "COPYRIGHT IRMD AFRICA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED". Any authorized use of the information available on the Website must be without denaturing, modification or alteration whatever the nature. Any violation of these provisions or any act likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of people, company or IRMD itself is liable to prosecution as provided by internationals laws.

IRMD uses this website for its commercial activities and in some cases directs visitors to existing pages on other websites, especially to share content of interest for its target. However, IRMD makes sure that the destination URL is clearly mentioned for the page to which the user is directed so that they are aware of it; but the hypertext links allowing these redirects do not engage the responsibility of IRMD in any way whatsoever.

IRMD also supports the creation of hypertext links to the pages of its website http://irmd.net. These established hypertext links must, as well as IRMD ensures it vis-à-vis other sites, explicitly mention the URL address (http: //irmd.net / ....) to which the visitor is redirected in order to obtain or access information on our web pages.

 In any case, IRMD reserves the right to request the dissolution of links which it considers to be likely to damage its image or its rights.


MyIRMD user account is free for any user interested in Marketing Intelligence or Business Strategies or by IRMD activities and gives him access to privileged resources and comment on published contents. When using "MyIRMD", visitors may be asked to provide private information, including the name and email address. IRMD Africa, a consulting firm that assumes the obligation of confidentiality, can not in any case, in any way whatsoever, and whoever the others are, disclose personal information about you. In addition, in accordance with international laws, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data that concern you. To do this, you can access your account to delete it or make the request by email to contact @ irmd.net.

Furthermore, comments posted on this site must comply with the provisions of international computer laws and must not be such as to affect, by far or near, the image of people, businesses or IRMD. The contents exchanged must be mature, objective and remain in the sole business context.


 IRMD conducts all its missions in strict compliance with international standards.

For Research, ICC / ESOMAR Code of conduct on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics (2016) fully applies.

 For the respondents who give us their opinions during a data collection,

  1. IRMD guarantees the strict respect of the anonymity of all the people questioned within the framework of its studies or surveys regardless of the means of contact and collection used.
  2. IRMD explain to the respondent the confidentiality rules relating to the research it conducts at the same time its identity, and address. 
  3. IRMD is required to explain to the respondent the purpose of the research so that they are aware of it and may agree to be contacted again for quality control, or for confirmation / additional information.
  4. IRMD does not engage in direct selling and does not attempt, through its surveys, to sell products or services to respondents, nor is it an advertising or other communications agency.
  5. The participation of a person in the survey or in our studies is voluntary and optional. The details of an interviewee are neither retained in our databases nor used or disclosed to third parties.
  6. Data collection concerning minors cannot be done by IRMD without parental permission. For this purpose, on the data collection questionnaires for minors, there is a table to be completed by a parent or guardian to allow the minor to participate in the survey. IRMD considers as minor any individual whose absolute age is under 18 years of age.
  7. The analyzes performed on the answers given in the questionnaires are not intended to identify the respondent. The sponsor of the study is entitled only report and other deliverables (statistical data files).
  8. For data collection carried out on the basis of a contact list provided by the sponsor, IRMD first ensures that the latter has the rights to exploit this file and on the other hand, that the potential respondents are aware that they will be contacted by a third party and can exercise a right of objection.


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