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Marketing Intelligence & Strategies

Marketing Intelligence & Strategies


IRMD Marketing Intelligence & Strategies offers a variety of full marketing and opinion research solutions that make your decision-making easier and ensures that actionable recommendations are "successful levers".

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Our team of qualified experts in marketing intelligence & strategies has a thorough understanding of the culture and psychology of the African customer and consumer. It has made it easy for us to make simple what is complex giving you a 360 ° enlightened view of your market and your target groups.

We work closely with you from the beginning to understand your specific needs to match as best as possible our solutions. We help you build powerful strategies for measurable results in the first quarter of implementation.

We offer complete solutions of:         


Continuously investigate Africa current behaviours, forecast changes in lifestyle, anticipate tomorrow needs and wants, enlighten your strategic decision-making, Helping you REACH the highest picks... We are IRMD Africa!

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